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Accomodation - Culinary Tour Holiday India, Alternative Travel North East India, Adventure Tours, Green Tours, Shillong, Tawang

Trip Feast will provide you with the best accommodation available, in keeping with the natural environments of our destinations. Traditional houses and homestays can be arranged on some itineraries.

Usually we focus on small, family-run hotels and lodges, where you will be personally catered to and your host will take care of your needs, as well as provide you with expert local advice and offer you their own insight on the local area.

For private trips you can choose the standard and style of accommodation that you prefer and we will help you pick the best accommodation in your chosen category.

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Hand-picked guides - experienced & friendly


Experienced Guides - Culinary Tour Holiday, Culinary Tour Packages, Tribal Tours, Kaziranga Safari Trip, Culinary Tour North East India, Tawang, Shillong

As seasoned travellers we have had many experiences of guides, some good, some bad. And we know that a good guide can be the difference between an unpleasant journey and a wonderful lifelong memory.

Thus we ensure that we use the most experienced guides, and we insist that they have the required qualifications, enthusiasm and passion for what they do. Our guides are locals with an intimate knowledge of the sites, peoples, customs, flora and fauna and of course food of their areas to ensure you get the most out of your travel experience.

All of our guides speak English as well as the local language and you are encouraged to chat with them to enrich your travel experience. So whether a novice or worldly traveller, our guides will take care of all your needs. Just ask!

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Getting the most out of going it alone


Solo Travellers - Culinary Tour North East India, Culinary Tours, Alternative Tourism, India

Having frequently travelled solo ourselves there were many times when we wanted to join tour groups, as it was a great way of meeting like-minded travellers, as well as getting to see some places that were otherwise not on our itineraries.

At Trip Feast, we try to keep our solo supplements down to an absolute minimum. You would only pay a supplement if you wanted your own room. If you are open to sharing a room with another single traveller and we can match you up, then you need pay no supplement.

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Packages and tours built around your needs


Flexible travel - Culinary Tour Travel North East India, Culinary Tour Travel Tour Operators, Alternative Tourism, Assam, Shillong, Cherrapunjee, India

As well as our small group scheduled departures we also arrange culinary tours based around your needs. Tell us what you are looking for or let us tell you the kind of things we can arrange. You won't be disappointed!

We firmly believe there is no single right or wrong way to travel. That is why we are totally open to your suggestions and ideas, and where possible we will incorporate these on our food tours. We have used the combined experiences of ourselves, locals, guides and other travellers in crafting our tours as unique travel experiences with a real chance to immerse yourself in the food culture of the local region.

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