Lake Vembanad: Cooking class on Kerala`s backwaters (1)

Rajasthan: Chai wallah (tea vendor) (2)

Kolkata: Street Vendor (3)

Indian Food: A selection of delicious dishes (4)

More cooking lessons: Learning the chef`s secrets (5)

Street food: Tandoori chicken, a popular non-veg dish (as they call meat dishes in India) (6)

Delhi: Banana vendor (7)

: Fresh Indian spices (8)

Finished recipe: Butter chicken (9)

And a side of...: Butter naan (10)

Indian dish: Kali Maa Dal (a popular lentil dish) (11)

Delicious: Dahi Bhalla (12)

On of India's most popular dishes: Dal makhani (13)

Indian dish: Curry (but not as you know it)... (14)

Street Jaggery: (15)

Veggie options: Crispy fried vegetables (16)

Spices: A spice holder (17)

Ingredients: The ingredients for Palak Paneer (18)

Agra: Woman in front of the Taj (19)

Jaipur: Amber fort (20)

Agra: Taj through an archway (21)

Agra: Taj Mahal from a different angle (22)

Jaipur: Feeding the monkeys at Galta, the monkey temple (23)

Agra: Relaxing by the walls of Agra Fort (24)

Delhi: First a tour of the capital Delhi - here`s Qutab Minar (25)

Delhi: Delhi Fort (26)

Alleppey: Drift along Kerala`s stunning backwaters (27)

Spice plantations: Nutmeg (28)

Cooking class: Learning from the experts (29)

Amritsar: The stunning Golden Temple (30)

Amritsar: The Golden Temple by night (31)

Wagah Border: Pakistani official watching the changing of the guard (32)

Lucknow: Bada Imambara (from the front) (33)

Lucknow: Bada Imambara (34)

Lucknow: Bada Imambara (another angle) (35)

Lucknow: A mosque (36)

Kolkata: Victoria Memorial (37)

Kolkata: Carriage outside Victoria Memorial (38)

Kolkata: Famous yellow cabs of Kolkata (39)

Kolkata: Lady making pots from clay (40)

Kolkata: The famous Howrah Bridge (41)

Kolkata: Mother Teresa`s Missionary of Charity (42)

Kolkata: Mother Teresa`s room (43)

Kolkata: Colourful flower market (44)

Kolkata: Tea stop (45)

Kolkata: Victoria memorial again (46)

Kolkata: Victoria memorial from another angle (47)

Kolkata: Smiling kids! (48)

Delhi: Humayun`s Tomb (49)

Delhi: Man praying in Jama Masjid, India`s largest mosque (50)

Delhi: Qutub Minar (51)

Agra: The Taj (52)

Jaipur: Elephant rides to Amber Fort (53)

Jaipur: Hawa Mahal, The Wind Palace (54)

Jaipur: Mother and child monkeys (55)

Jaipur: The Water Palace (56)

Agra: Agra Fort (57)

Agra: Temple in the grounds of the Taj (58)

Agra: Agra Traffic I (59)

Agra: Agra traffic II (60)

Agra: Walls of Agra Fort (61)

Agra: The majestic Taj Mahal (62)

Agra: Child climbs up the Taj (63)

Agra: Old style of cutting the grass (64)

Agra: Marble-inlay work (65)

Agra: Shaping precious stones (66)

Agra: Marble inlay (67)

Agra: The baby Taj (68)

Jaipur: Inside Amber Fort (69)

Jaipur: Jantar Mantar observatory (70)

Jaipur: Various astronomical instruments, Jantar Mantar observatory (71)

Jaipur: Wild Peacock (72)

Jaipur: A meditating monkey? (73)

Jaipur: More monkeys at the monkey temple at Galta (74)

Jaipur: The monkey temple at Galta (look closely at the roof) (75)

Jaipur: The world`s largest sundial, Jantar Mantar observatory (76)

Agra: Inside `The Baby Taj` (77)

Jaipur: Entrance to the Amber Fort (78)

Jaipur: Detail from the Amber Fort (79)

Kerala: Fruit shop (80)

Sevige: dry wheat vermicelli (noodles) prepared with vegetables and spices (81)

Dosa: pancake made with fermented rice and lentils, usually stuffed with vegetables and sauces (82)

Cochin: Chinese net fishing (83)

South Indian breakfast: Rava Idli made with steamed semolina and served with coconut chutney (84)

Vada Sambar: vegetable stew made with tamarind and pigeon peas, served with rice and coconut chutney (85)

Preparation: Chopping vegetables (86)

Pandi Curry: pork curry made with black vinegar and served with chapati and lemon juice (87)

Indian plate: selection of South Indian dishes served on a banana leaf (88)

Spices: selection of Indian spices arranged in a traditional spice container (89)

Spice tray: a selection of the most common South Indian spices (90)

Cooking time: a chef at work in his restaurant (91)

Theyyam festival in Tellichery: elaborate make up and henna designs on a man`s face (92)

Theyyam festival: man wearing a decorative South Indian mask during his performance (93)

Market shopping: a bag of dried chili pepers (94)

A typical South Indian meal : rice, dahl and chili (95)

Indian breakfast: Appam or steamed semolina Idli served with sambar, coconut chutney and tomato sauce (96)

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