The chef's special: `Ireland is fast becoming a culinary destination with a reputation for top quality food.` (1)

Dingle: Beautiful landscape (2)

Dingle: A pint and a jig! (3)

Dingle Bay: Dingle`s most famous resident, Fungi the Dolphin (4)

Dingle: Enjoying the catch of the day (5)

Reel Dingle Fish: Authentic beer-battered fish and chips (6)

Dingle: A beautiful crab and cognac bisque (7)

Dingle: View towards the bay (8)

Gourmet Irish breakfast: Rashers, sausages, eggs, tomato, mushroom & handmade black & white pudding (9)

Fishing trip rewards: Freshly made mackerel and pollack (10)

McCrean's Brewery: The art of the brewer (11)

Dingle: Landscape (12)

Dingle: Traditional pub (13)

Dingle: A quiet pub (14)

Dingle Bay: View from the fishing boat (15)

Dingle Bay: Fungi comes to play with the boat (16)

The catch: Mackerel, pollack and a single sardine! (17)

Dingle Aquarium: Shark! (18)

Dingle Bay: Filleting the catch from the fishing trip (19)

Dingle Aquarium: Giant Ray (20)

Dingle: Boats in the harbour (21)

Dingle Aquarium: Penguin (22)

Dingle Farmers Market: (23)

Dingle Farmers Market: The Little Cheese Shop (24)

The Little Cheese Shop: Cheese with seaweed (25)

Dingle Farmers Market: Olive stand (26)

Dingle Farmers Market: Cheese stall (27)

Dingle Farmers Market: More cheese (28)

Dingle Farmers Market: Raclette (29)

Dingle Farmers Market: Raclette sandwich - a popular choice (30)

Dingle Farmers Market: Enjoying a freshly made pancake (31)

Dingle Farmers Market: Lamb burger with rocket, fried onion, yoghurt and sweet chilli (32)

Dingle Farmers Market: Organic onions (33)

An Riasc: Award-winning micro-brew (34)

Dingle Farmers Market: Artisan chocolate (35)

Dingle Farmers Market: Lamb burgers (36)

Dingle Bay: View across the bay (37)

More Dingle Bay: (38)

Dingle Bay: Landscape (39)

Dingle: Organic gem lettuce, roasted brie, toasted walnut and warm cherry tomatoes (40)

Dingle Bay hake and cod served on a bed of potato and chive mash with a vegetable cassolet. : (41)

Dingle: Homemade cupcakes (42)

Kilkenny: St. John`s church (43)

Kilkenny: Church on the high street (44)

Kilkenny: Shop on the high street (45)

Knockdrinna: Petting zoo turkeys (46)

Jerpoint: Glass blowing (47)

Jerpoint: Beautiful blown glass creations (48)

Thomastown: Church (49)

Knockdrinna: Cheese Quiche (50)

Truffle Fairy: Interesting chocolate flavours (51)

Truffle Fairy: rich truffle (52)

Truffle Fairy: running chocolate ganash. You know you want it! (53)

Kilkenny: the famous Kilkenny Castle (54)

Kilkenny: View along the river (55)

Goatsbridge: Tour of the trout farm with Margaret (56)

Thomastown: Blackberry Café`s cheese and bacon quiche (57)

Dublin: Sampling award-winning cheese in Sheridan`s Cheesemongers (58)

Dublin: Scones in the Pepperpot café (59)

Pepper Pot café: Homemade bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese (60)

Dublin: Delicious cupcakes (61)

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