Sicilian Fish Market: Freshly caught fish is the order of the day (1)

Chianti Region: A wonderfully colourful vineyard in autumn (2)

Chianti Region: A typical Tuscan farm surrounded by vineyards (3)

Cookery School: A lesson in pasta making (4)

Florence: The famous Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) (5)

Florence: Arno river and Ponte Vecchio (6)

Florence: A dry-fruit stall at the central market (7)

Florence: Plenty of cheese choices at the market (8)

Turin: A wine cellar just outside Turin (9)

Cookery School: A lesson in pasta making (10)

Langhe: An ancient abbey in the Italian countryside (11)

Porta Palazzo Market: Europe`s largest open air market (12)

Porta Palazzo Market: A cherry tomato stall (13)

Porta Palatina: One of the best preserved Roman gates in the world (14)

Langhe: Stunning views of the countryside a few kilometres from Turin (15)

Locally grown vegetables: Markets are popular for gathering fresh produce and ingredients (16)

Torrechiara: Glorious sites of the Emilia Romagna region (17)

Shopping in Italy: A wonderful gourmet food shop (18)

Cookery School: A lesson in making delicious Italian cuisine (19)

Cured Meats: Tasting succulent Italian hams (20)

Arancini: Traditional Sicilian Arancini rice balls (21)

Fresh Sicilian dishes: Macaroni with seafood (22)

Italian specialities: Delicious cheese and wine (23)

Cannoli Alla Siciliana: Traditional pastry deserts (24)

Castel Mola: 1,800 feet above sea level, Castel Mola offers beautiful panoramic views (25)

Barrels: Huge casks line a Sicilian cellar (26)

Arancini: Arancini are made with all sorts of ingredients (27)

Cheeses: A multitude of delicious cheese matures before being taken to market (28)

An insiders look: The cheese making process (29)

Parma: An incredible place to purchase Parma Ham, amongst other delicacies (30)

Traditional breads: Baker`s make all manner of delectable produce (31)

Cookery School: A lesson in Italian cooking (32)

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