Traditional Oaxacan Market: Anyone for turkey? (1)

Cooking course: Visiting the market before cooking class to buy chillies (there`s no shortage of choice!) (2)

The finished article: Delicious squash flower soup (3)

Monte Alban: One of the earliest cities of Mesoamerica (4)

Hierve El Agua: Stunning landscapes (5)

Market: Food vendors (6)

From the market: Fresh ingredients (7)

Oaxaca: Zapotecan wedding (8)

Oaxaca: Grasshoppers, a popular local delicacy. Not for everyone! (9)

Santiago Apoala: Waterfall (10)

Oaxaca: Vegetable market (11)

Hierve El Agua: The petrified waterfall (a result of hugely mineral rich water) (12)

Hierve El Agua: Taking a dip (13)

Mitla: The last surviving Pyramid at Mitla (the Spanish destroyed the 51 others) (14)

Cooking course: Rose petal ice-cream ...mmmm (15)

Hierve El Agua: Landscape (16)

Monte Alban: Stone carving (17)

Oaxaca: Street vendors take a break (18)

Santiago Apoala: Stunning cavern (19)

Cooking course: Home-made guacamole ...delicious! (20)

From José Luis Diaz's kitchen: Duck and manchamanteles deconstructed (molé base with seasonal fruits) (21)

Oaxaca: Santo Domingo church (22)

Ingredients: Chillis I (23)

From José Luis Diaz's kitchen: Cappuccino with beet and goat cheese foam (24)

Ingredients: Chillis II (25)

Oaxaca: Ladies in traditional dress (26)

Eating time: mmmm (27)

Ingredients: Chillis III (28)

Santiago Apoala: Stunning terrain (29)

At Doňa Marina's simple home: Cooking up a storm as always (30)

From José Luis Diaz's kitchen: Cactus salad (31)

Cooking class: Learning the tricks of Oaxacan cuisine (32)

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