Marrakesh: Colourful water seller (1)

Marrakesh: Fresh orange juice stall (2)

Moroccan food: Traditional vegetarian tajine (3)

Moroccan food: Savoury pastilla with lemon and fresh orange juice (4)

Cooking class: Add some more spice! (5)

Marrakesh: Eating at the grilled food stands in Djemaa el-Fna (6)

Marrakesh: Nut seller (7)

Street market: Man carving up a stubborn pumpkin (8)

Demnate: Sampling locally produced honey with thyme (9)

Close to Demnate: Olives being harvested (10)

Close to Demnate: Local olive harvester (11)

Close to Demnate: Olives ready for weighing, then selling (12)

Marrakesh: Pastilla for dessert at a palace restaurant (13)

Carpet stall at the market: (14)

Mint tea seller: (15)

Dry fruits seller: (16)

Driving through the Draa Valley: (17)

Dry fruits stall: (18)

Draa Valley: (19)

Tangine vendor: (20)

Marinated Moroccan Olives : (21)

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