Seafood: A very popular food choice in the Philippines, more to follow... (1)

Filipino speciality: Dumaguete seafood (2)

Bagnet: Bagnet is a popular dish in Ilocos and is perfectly matched with tomatoes and bagoong (3)

Ilocos Sur: Empanada vendor from Vigan (4)

Pistou: Ground meat with eggs & bell peppers, topped with a small sausage, a favorite snack in Pampanga. (5)

'Barquillos: Local vendors show how `Barquillos` (flute type cookies) are still being traditionally made. (6)

Lechon (roasted pig): Known all over the country and a favorite centerpiece during fiestas and special celebrations (7)

The San Agustin Church of Paoay: one of the country`s four UNESCO world heritage churches (8)

San Nicolas cookies: still traditionally baked in the towns of Pampanga (9)

San Nicolas cookies: Tour participants watch a local chef demonstrate the preparation of the cookies (10)

Prado Farm : a bio-dynamic farm and a unique expression of art and architecture using old materials. (11)

Sisig: a favorite dish made up of pork jaws, ears, and belly cooked in vinegar and a lot of onions (12)

Alviz Farm in Pampanga: Participants enjoy a typical lunch (13)

Manila market: Vendor waving (14)

Filipino speciality: Dumaguete seafood (15)

Lechon: Roasted pig (16)

typical fresh market: (17)

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