Rajac: Having a drink in the rustic wine cellars of Rajac (1)

Belgrade: Enjoying a meal on one of Belgrade`s rooftops at sunset (2)

Beekeeper: Serbia produces top quality honey (3)

Honey: the nectar of the Gods... (4)

Wild raspberries: (5)

Raspberry harvest: delicious and healthy! (6)

Fresh fish from the Danube: perfectly cooked (7)

Kajmak: a traditional Serbian cheese (8)

Cured meats: (9)

Foraging: ...for wild mushrooms (10)

The outcome: simply delicious (11)

Baking: Serbian corn bread (12)

More baking: Serbian layered cake (13)

Serbian sausage: pork, of course! (14)

Cured meats: A popular option in Serbian (15)

Serbian cheese: (16)

Snack: Dates wrapped in bacon (17)

Harvest: red peppers (18)

Red pepper paste: (19)

Red pepper paste: served up (20)

At the cheese-makers: Cheese rounds (21)

Winter stew: (22)

On the vine: Artisanal wine producers have flourished in recent years in Serbia (23)

Rajac: Enjoying lunch in a rustic wine cellar (24)

Rajac: Serbian Flutist (25)

Countryside: A field of sunflowers at sunset (26)

Golubac: The imposing fortress as the sun goes down (27)

Belgrade: St. Sava`s Orthodox Cathedral (28)

Nis: Street scene (29)

Rajac: Visiting the wine cellars of Rajac (30)

Rajac: The beautiful stone wine cellars of Rajac (31)

The Danube: Scene from the cliffs of the Danube (32)

Golubac: Golubac Fort from a distance (33)

Golubac: Golubac Medieval Fort (34)

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