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When one thinks of Ireland’s cuisine, most people would immediately conjure images of that adaptable carbohydrate, the ‘potato’. While the Irish are certainly ingeniously versatile with this particular food item, inventing dishes such as the boxty (a potato pancake) and the colcannon (cabbage/potato infused dish), Irish cuisine entails so much more.

With its ample coastline, seafood is a common feature of many Irish dishes, with salmon, trout, oysters and mussels proving particularly popular. The coastal market town of Dingle boasts some of the best seafood in the country; be sure to visit Lord Baker’s, Dingle’s oldest pub, to experience ‘the best seafood soup in Ireland and the best pint.’ That’s not all: one taste of the Dublin Lawyer- lobster cooked in whiskey and cream- and you will demand the recipe on the spot to recreate the magic at home.

There’s your average bread- and then there’s Irish bread. Like the potato, the variety of breads available are dazzling: from the famous soda bread, to veda bread, to potato bread, the hard droughts of the past has certainly taught the Irish how to make the most out of simple staples. Black pudding, countless cheeses, and Irish stew were all created during these tough times, but like the Irish hospitality and spirit, all have stood the test of time.

Perhaps Ireland’s most famous export, aside from Colin Farrell, is Guinness. After enjoying a cool Guinness in one of Dublin’s pubs- where James Joyce may once have been- the next step in the authentic Guinness experience is to visit the Storehouse, where the drink is made. If whiskey is more your style, do not fear: Jameson whiskey, with its distinctive kick, is also made in Dublin.

Ireland may be mere steps away from the UK, but she very much knows her own mind. Come join in the ‘craic’ of this joyous country, and be inspired to take some of her delights- culinary or otherwise- home with you.

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